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ark-servers.net voting event, earn special items. You can choose one item. 😀


Mastercraft item = 21+ point
Journeyman item = 16-20 points
Apprentice item = 10 -15 points
Primitive item = 8-9 points


We got an new dedicated Server.

The new server is faster more stable and online 24/7 no network problems anymore! 🙂 

look here to see the new Server Specs.

New forum is added check it out! 🙂



How to connect to the server

The same server name, just another IP.

Server IP; ark.walking-evolved.com

If you don’t find the Server, here is a guide how to add it to your favorites. Just add it there and go in game and connect to the new server. 🙂

Click here for the guide

If you need more help then please contact me on teamspeak.

I ordered an external dedicated Server.

Donation List

A big thank you to our donators. Who help to keep the Server alive.:D

  • MassHD 
  • Anonymous
  • Bloodberry 
  • Bilbo/Bob
  • Redox
  • Iggy the dark 
  • Slowy



Owner Menthelice

Hello I am the owner of the Server. More information will come. :)

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