Server Rules

Rules for The servers.

-Updated rules are in green text.
All the rules goes for all servers. The rules that are specific for each server is on the bottom of the list


    • Respect the owner/admins on the server.
    • Don`t block waterways, rivers and bridges. We will removed it!
    • Don’t block an entire place so people can’t go pass it
    • You can only have one base per Person! You can have a water base too if your base is not near water.
    • If you accidentally leave your tribe and loose your stuff.  its a support matter, and will only be recovered for people who are subscribers (5 dollars a month)!
    • If your tribe mates have their own base, it is your responsibility to remove them if they quit. OR have the tribe setting on personal owned from the beginning so that when a person quit playing on the server, you can just kick him out of the tribe and his base goes with him and we can just remove his stuff with the DestroyTribeStructures command
    • Trolling is not allowed!
    • Not allowed to build a farming place outside your base.
    • Don’t block any farming/”dungeon” caves. (If it is just a hole in the mountain, you can build in it.)
    • You are not allowed to have more than one raft per person unless you have all of them in your base and it doesn’t seems like a mess! Remember destroy rafts you lost go and find them!
    • Don’t build/block on spawning/resource areas. (Metal, crystal, etc. )
    • Not allowed to steal from other people.
    • If you have unused structures or dinos around and you ignore if people tell you too get it and logout because you are too lazy to get them. It will result in getting all your dinos deleted.
    • An admin will never clean your stuff for you.  If you want to report abandoned structures head over to our Discord.
  • If you don’t like that people take your eggs(fertilized), keep them inside a closed house. Or watch them while they drop them.
  • If you want to build something for public use, ask owners first. (Menthelice or Snow White)
  • Every public structure, also Oil Pumps or Gas Pumps need too be unlocked or it will be removed.
  • Any dino stuck, glitched or tamed in a cave will not be teleported out under any circumstances!
  • No harassing and bullying other players.
  • Not allowed to build to close to other bases, if someone has a base there. Ask them first!
  • You can`t hold/reserve a spot with just some foundations.
  • Have a fence around your base. This is for your security so no wild dinos can come in your base and so that your dinos that is on neutral don`t go away from the base (because they get attacked and run after the target) and so it don`t look so messy with dinos all over the place.
  • If you build something around on the server for when you tame or a starting house before you build a main base, demolish it before you leave it so someone else can have that spot or so that we don’t have a lot of random shit around taking place ^^
  • Don`t use “Human” “Bob“, “Joe“, “Anne” and “Jane” as a name. Sorry if this is your name and you want to use it. But they are default names in ARK, so there is to many of them allready. You can add more to the name if you really want to use any of the names.
  • Don`t use an unethical name, it will result in a ban!
  • This is a survival game and dying and losing stuff is normal 😉 Admins will not give you stuff back that you loose when dying, even if you can`t get to your body. To get stuff back when you can`t get to your body is for subscribers this costs 15€ . On the modded server make a personal gravestone to loot your stuff.
  • We are not replacing dinos or stuff you loose even if it is because of a bug.
  • Make sure you make a tribe when you start playing and set everything in tribe manager to personal owned. This means that if you leave your tribe and join a new tribe you will still have your stuff and dinos (this is sometimes buggy, just to be sure you can unclaim your dinos before you leave your tribe and claim them again when you are in your new tribe). Admins will not give you your stuff back or force you back in your tribe. It does not help to put it on personal owned right before you leave, it only works on things you do after you have set it on personal, everything you did before is not going to be affected by the personal owned.
  • If your tribe have other bases, and you are the only one active atm. Make sure to either destroy them or visit them to reset the timer. If not you can risk loosing everything if they get demolishable.
  • Don`t leave your dinos around on wandering. Even in a house for breeding. Even if you have a fence and wall, they can glitch trough the walls and gates. If you have them on wandering permantly for breeding use dino leech or hitching post!
  • Don`t have your dinos on wandering and agressive in your base. Even if you have a fence and wall, they can glitch trough the walls and gates and then go around everywhere and kill everything.
  • DON`T drop the wvyvern/rockdrake eggs, if you pick up a low lvl you don`t want. Eat it, DONT drop it. It will not respawn before the egg is destroyed.
  • Not allowed to block explorer notes!
  • Not allowed to build on the bridge over to redwood biome. (The center)
  • Not allowed to build tree platforms just to get the tree sap. and not allowed to put just tree taps on trees. Only allowed to build in redwood to build a base.  We have a public tree sap farm for that in location 84.8 LAT / 78.8 LON. (The center)
  • Not allowed to build on floating island. (The Center) We had a voting and people did not want any buildings up there.
  • Not allowed to build on carno island/dead island (The island)
  • Not allowed to block/build over gas veins and charge nodes so other people can`t access them. (Aberration)
  • Don`t activate drops and element veins if you are not going to do them! (Not even to try and get lower drops to spawn) (Extinction)

We have a demolisher timer on the server, thatch and greenhouse is 7 days, wood is 19, stone and metal is longer but you will risk that we will destroy everything if you are offline for more than 19 days.

If you are going away or not able to come online for longer than the demolisher timer is, send a pm to Menthelice or Snow White on discord or send a support ticket.

If you are leaving the server or not going to play for a while and we can destroy your base, it would be really nice if you sent a pm on discord to Menthelice or Snow White or a support ticket so that we can just destroy it right away and someone else can take the place. instead of waiting for 19 days.

When you loot beaver dams, drop out the wood or destroy the dams when you are done!! The good stuff don`t respawn in the dams so if you don`t empty/destroy it, CP and pearls will not respawn there. If I catch you not empty a beaver dam when im spectating, you will be kicked!

Be careful building with people in other tribes (tribe alliance). If that person stop playing, the building parts that this tribe have done will be removed when the demolish timer is up. Refund of items is only for monthly subscribers.

Someone is having fun picking up other people`s dinos, so to be sure you should make a dino house to have your dinos in so no one can pick them up and fly them away.
Leave a comment in the forum, discord or to Snow white if you have a rule that you would like to see in this list and I will put it in the list if it is relevant.

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